Data and Reporting

Driving strategy through data

To complement the insight, analysis and recommendations provided by our Account Managers, FCM clients have easy and direct access to their data through our proprietary reporting tool FCM ClientBank. This platform has been designed to reduce the time, cost and compexity involved in managing and consolidating corporate travel data.

Providing exceptional data clarity and visiblity, real time management information can be viewed on demand via this web-based reporting platform. FCM ClientBank will assist you to understand and manage your travel expenditure as well as track cost savings.

It is comprehensive, customisable and easy to use and can be accessed 24/7 via the internet in a matter of minutes with a simple password log-on. To get you started there is a suite of over 30 standard reports available.

Gain more insight into your company travel with FCM ClientBank Connect

Clients looking for heightened reporting capabilities outside of the existing ClientBank reporting suite can upgrade to ClientBank Connect. This technology offers customers highly customised reporting and analytics capability not yet seen in the global business travel market in this format.

FCM ClientBank Connect

Ensuring you have the critical intelligence to identify every possible travel saving

FCM ClientBank Connect is a scalable reporting solution which gives customers increased capability to slice and dice data to build their own reports and dashboards as required. The tool also provides FCM customers with access to external travel, non-travel and expense data for cross platform analytics.

ClientBank Connect is accessible via the web and/or mobile devices. The interface is embeddable, so clients can take their reports and dashboards and easily embed them on internal websites (eg. on their own company intranet).

Cross platform analytics - exclusive to FCM

The ability to run reports using third-party sources is made possible via data 'connectors'. These 'connectors' draw on intelligence from a range of third-party sources and allow 'big data' style analytics.