FCM Connect: Analytics and Reporting

Media Releases 10 Oct 2017

FCM Connect: next-generation technology gives travel managers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

FCM Travel Solution’s innovative, next-generation technology suite, FCM Connect, features cutting-edge Analytics and Reporting tools designed specifically to provide travel managers with meaningful travel data and the ability to translate that data into business intelligence.

Travel managers can access Connect’s powerful proprietary Analytics and Reporting platform via HUB on any device at any time. Key features and benefits include:

  • Analytics – this big data tool provides an advanced scalable solution for benchmarking and forecasting, scenario-based planning, advanced data management, and extensive dashboard analysis. The tool is also integrated with third party data sources to enable cross platform analytics. Travel managers can consolidate multinational data for easy visibility of programme performance across markets. Analytics also gives them the ability to better manage relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers, as well as insight into employee’s booking behaviour in order to refine policies and identify opportunities to improve programme performance.
  • Reporting – a self-service business intelligence solution that gives travel managers increased capability to slice and dice data to build their own reports and dashboards. This central platform gathers and stores reservation and financial data, giving better visibility of key expenditure areas. Managers can choose how to interact with the tool, using it personally, or nominating authorized users. There is also the option to adopt ‘viewer’ access allowing users to view reports and dashboards, or ‘editor’ status allowing users to create their own dashboards and templates.  Implementation is available on a national and multi-national basis.

“For travel managers, the key to making shrewd commercial and operational decisions regarding their travel programme depends on having not only complete visibility of travel data and expenditure from all sources, but a technology solution that analyses that data effectively,” said Marcus Eklund, Global General Manager, FCM Travel Solutions. “FCM Connect’s dynamic Analytics and Reporting tools have been designed to empower travel managers so that they easily evaluate their travel programme and formulate actionable strategy.”