Smartphone strikes a sour Note with airlines

Travel News 17 Oct 2016

Effective Saturday 15 October, the US Department of Transportation has imposed a total ban on the carriage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone on any aircraft.  This is subject to a recent recall due to incidents of the phones spontaneously bursting into flames, customers had previously been advised that the phones could not be charged or operated while on board. 

Samsung announced that it was suspending manufacture of these phones on 11 October and a few days later further advised that the phones should not be turned on and recommended that they be returned to the place of purchase. 

The total ban means that these phones cannot be carried in check-in luggage, freight or hand luggage.

The current list of airlines to have a complete ban are Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Air Berlin, Lufthansa, all airlines in Japan and all US airlines. It is expected more airlines will quickly follow. Customers who intend to travel with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone should contact their carrier directly to verify whether or not they are permitted to take it on board.

British Airways has a complete ban of these phones on flights to / from USA / Canada and HKG.

Airlines have taken the decision to introduce this additional safety measure due to the fire risks posed by the device's lithium-ion battery.

Please ensure travellers check the airline rules relating to this particular smartphone prior to travel as in some instances fines may be imposed.

You can read the full US Department of Transportation advice and FAQ HERE