Our CSR policy Ireland

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Supporting our stakeholders and communities is a fundamental part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To guide this area of responsibility, we have a sustainable development policy that helps promote healthy partnerships with our clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers. This policy also ensures we act responsibly from an operational perspective, and in relation to the environment, and health and safety. Key actions and processes encouraged by this policy include the following:


Our development of a Service Level Agreement for every client ensures we deliver on the service guarantee we agree.

We ensure our brand is marketed in an honest and responsible way

Satisfaction surveys are undertaken with all clients at least once a year.

Six-monthly reviews are performed with major clients.

We proactively advise our clients on significant travel-related risks on a local and global basis through our ‘FCm Secure' service, which offers monitoring, alert, tracking and transfer capabilities.

We also advise our clients on methods of reducing the potential risks to their travellers caused by events such as infectious outbreaks, natural disasters, war and terrorism attacks (see our Health and Safety Policy below for further details).

FCm Travel Solutions has an internal Crisis Management Plan that ensures a coordinated and efficient communication and operational response to all major events worldwide.



Our company philosophies act as a code of conduct and guide the way in which our people work day-to-day

As part of our philosophies, FCm Travel Solutions has a culture that fosters the continuous development of our people e.g. on-going access to on and off the job training opportunities; training programs designed specifically to nurture the current and future leaders of the business; a formal induction program for new employees; annual assessment for every staff member to monitor their progress and identify future development needs

Employees are rewarded for their performance through recognition and award programs, incentive schemes in some regions, the opportunity to gain experience in different regions, and involvement in national and international award dinners

Our dialogue with employees includes daily communication through our team leaders, regular team meetings, and open door policy from senior management

Across all aspects of our operations, we consistently strive to protect the health and safety of our people (see our Health and Safety Policy below for further details).


Operational Policy

From an operational perspective, FCm Travel Solutions' sustainable development policy is based on:

Absolute legal compliance, ensuring adherence to the regulations and laws that govern in each country

Innovative and progressive operations, based on principles of world's best practice in the global corporate travel industry

Proactive contingency planning to help safeguard our business and our stakeholders in a crisis situation.


Health & Safety Policy

FCm Travel Solutions is committed to taking all possible steps to protect the health and safety of our people, and our clients and their travellers. These steps include:

Continuous monitoring of all major incidents worldwide through the leading news and information sources, to identify those that may pose a health or safety risk

Alerting our staff and clients to any such risks, and advising them on ways to minimize their risks

Ensuring our people and clients are never consciously put in the face of danger (e.g. alerting them if they are attempting to travel to a destination we know is highly unsafe)

Immediately advising staff and clients in the event of a confirmed high-risk outbreak (e.g. Avian flu) and any related closure of international travel or country borders etc.

Working closely with our staff and clients to track their location in the event of a crisis, and assisting them with alternate travel bookings

Putting clients in touch with emergency rescue services (including International SOS) to assist with any necessary evacuations from dangerous areas

Regularly reinforcing to our staff and clients the basic tenements of health and safety (eg. effective personal hygiene, vaccinations, anti-viral drugs), particularly in the event of a high-risk outbreak.